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Printing Overview

Maximising the impact of your logo is one of the most important aspects of producing an effective promotional product.

Whilst there are many imprinting methods used for promotional merchandise, there are four main methods that are used extensively for most items.


Screenprinting is the most versatile of all forms of promotional printing. It is generally used to print items that have a large surface area, such as t-shirts, bags, compendiums, and drink bottles. Screenprinting can be done using both flat bed machines for flat surfaces and also rotary machines for rounded surfaces.

Screenprinting can be done in both spot colour and also 4 colour process. Fine detail and PMS colour matching is effectively achieved using screen printing.

Screenprinting is costed based on the number of items to be printed and the number of colours being printed.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is a form of imprinting usually reserved for products with relatively small, irregular print areas such as pens, calculators, business card holders etc.

Pad printing is carried out by first etching the logo to be printed onto a plate. This plate is then covered with ink and scraped clean. This leaves a deposit of ink in the etched area. A rubber pad is then pressed into the plate and pulled away, leaving the etched image on the pad. The pad is then pressed onto the product and ink released. Voila, your logo!

Pre treatment and/or post treatment on certain materials is essential to ensure maximum adhesion and durability. Promotivate's printers are expert in this area.

Multi colour pad prints are not always recommended on all products. Tight registration can also be difficult to achieve on a small number of items. Your Promotivate customer service representative will be able to guide you with any restraints that might exist, and offer alternative design suggestions.

Pad printing is an extremely cost effective way of imprinting your merchandise and is priced according to the number of items to be printed and the number of colours being printed.


Embroidery is a premium form of imprinting applied to fabric based promotional merchandise such as clothing, caps, bags, blankets and towelling. Embroidery has a much greater lifespan than printing and in general terms will outlast the product onto which it is being applied. This in turn offers longevity of your logo.

Embroidery is carried out by first digitising your logo for embroidery. This involves a computer file being generated, programming the stitch pattern, stitch type and thread colours to be used. A sample embroidery swatch is then generated for approval.

Our embroidery is carried out on several multi head machines that have the ability to embroider several items with the same logo at the same time. Our embroidery machines can embroider a logo with up to fifteen colours.

Shading and perfectly straight lines are difficult to achieve. Embroidery threads do not follow PMS colours, but most PMS colours can be matched fairly closely.

Unlike printing, embroidery is not costed via the number of colours in the logo, but via the size of the logo and the number of items to be embroidered.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is the method of placing your logo onto a promotional product by burning away a coating on the material. Colour contrast is achieved by having different coloured surfaces on top of each other. The laser cuts through the top surface exposing the contrasting colour underneath. For example a black metal pen might have a brass barrel. When the black metal is removed the brass barrel is exposed.

Laser engraving is usually reserved for metal products, however some types of plastics can also be engraved.

Very fine detail is easily achieved using laser engraving. Laser engraving has an extremely long lifespan and is perceived as being one of the most premium forms of imprinting promotional merchandise.

Laser engraving is costed via the number of items to be engraved.

Client Briefs

In the words of Jerry Macguire, 'help me, help you'.

Promotivate's staff has an amazing wealth of knowledge of Promotional Products, so why not use it?

When briefing your requirements to us, the more detailed information you can give us, the better equipped we are at sourcing and offering the promotional product that drives your marketing dollar the furthest.

Areas that may be covered are:

  • A little about your company. What you do, what you make, what you sell?
  • The intended use of the promotional it a staff incentive, a customer incentive, a new business teaser, a new product launch, a conference item?
  • Who is your target market...young, male, female, middle management, desk bound?
  • A rough idea of budget.
  • An indication of quantity.
  • Deadline...when are your products required?

Armed with this information, we will be able to offer creative support and quality, purpose driven products. All delivered on time and within budget. Contact us at

Local VS Indent


Our importers scour the globe to source promotional products that are unique, contemporary and functional. The quality of the locally stocked items is excellent. There is a huge range of locally produced or warehoused stock available for customisation in short lead times. The products Promotivate offer are produced solely for the purpose of promotion, therefore lend themselves to all forms of imprinting.

Apparel, bags and caps are stocked in many different colour combinations to suit almost all corporate banding imaginable. Premiums are stocked in the 1000's to fill the larger quantity requirements.

Let's also not forget our local manufacturers. We have an abundance of skilled manufacturers that we contract to expertly produce our 'Australian Made' range.

Our local stock can usually be turned to suit your deadline requirements.


Forecast, forecast, forecast. Indenting on larger quantities is a wonderful option if you have the lead time.

Customers who plan in advance know that importing is a great option when sourcing product. Not only can you make substantial savings and drive your marketing budget further, but you get the opportunity to create a product which is totally unique and showcases your logo to maximum effect.

When it comes to producing Promotional Products offshore just about anything is possible, especially if you are able to order substantial quantities. As a general rule, the more expensive the item, the fewer you will need to order and the less expensive the item, the more you will need to order.

Normal sea freight lead times are approximately 10-12 weeks. Of course air freight offers shorter lead times, but the cost of air freight, particularly on bulky or heavy items, can sometimes, counteract the cost saving achieved when producing product offshore.

Amazing things can be achieved...but planning is essential.

Promotivate are happy to help you develop your next truly customised promotional product. Contact our indent team at

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